Microneedling Devices: Getting to the Point on Benefits

Microneedling Devices: Getting to the Point on Benefits

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Skincare products such as creams, serums, moisturizers, and toners give your skin an excellent service, but they can only do so much since they can’t stimulate the skin’s deepest layers. You can only apply them on the top skin layer, unable to reach the deeper depths that can really make a difference. If you are considering a cosmetic treatment that can stimulate your skin inside and out, then microneedling may be the ideal treatment for you. 

Microneedling is one of the most sought cosmetic treatments currently in the beauty industry—with good reason. This cosmetic treatment is accessible to anyone, easy to apply, and comfortable for the patient, and its results are stark. For its price point, what more could you possibly ask for? 

While you may say that’s an exaggeration, it isn’t, and countless people who’ve had the treatment can testify to these claims. Microneedling is an effective treatment despite its relatively simple concept. Through microneedling, you can say goodbye to most skin blemishes and other signs of aging. 

Microneedling Overview

Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment that utilizes tiny needles to puncture the skin to achieve skin rejuvenation. Previous iterations of microneedling used microneedling rollers, but now, like our clinic, we use the SkinPen device, which resembles an oversized pen. Microneedling rollers have needles surrounding the rollers, while SkinPen uses needles at the pen’s tip. 

Minuscule needles will pierce the skin all over, and while it may sound scary, you won’t notice these needles touching your skin since the pain is dulled with numbing creams. Likewise, the needles for microneedling only range around 0.5mm-1.5mm, but depending on your needs, they could be longer. Rest assured, they are still only a few millimeters long. 

How Microneedling Works

The idea behind microneedling is to pierce the skin to rejuvenate it, but why does piercing the skin enhance your skin? It seems counterproductive, and if you think that other formulas are used, such as serums, the treatment only involves needles, so no, it isn’t it. 

There’s a reason why piercing the skin rejuvenates the skin naturally. Penetrating the skin creates micro-injuries that simulate a wound, and when the body is deceived into thinking that these are wounds, it releases its healing properties more than what is required to heal the skin. Your body won’t naturally release these healing properties only when it notices damages, which we are trying to do. 

Replicating these effects with a wound releases the skin’s healing properties, but only to the extent that it heals the wound. While microneedling tricks the body into thinking there is a wound even though it’s just micro-injuries. That’s why it has rejuvenating properties when actual wounds don’t. 

Fibroblast Activity

Your body will start the fibroblast activity to start the healing process. Part of the fibroblast activity’s job is to create collagen proteins to fix open wounds. Since there isn’t much collagen needed to fix micro-injuries, the excess collagen is utilized to support the existing skin framework. 

Collagen is the main component that holds up your skin’s structural framework. Without it, you can expect the skin to collapse on itself, which is why wrinkles, fine lines, thin skin, and other signs of aging occur due to insufficient collagen production. By creating more collagen, we effectively restore your skin’s structural framework naturally, reducing skin blemishes and signs of aging. 

Benefits Of Microneedling

Now that you understand how microneedling works, you can better understand how it brings the following benefits to you. 

Reduces Signs Of Aging

Nobody wants to have signs of aging, and they make you appear as if you are in a bad mood. The reason why you experience signs of aging is due to insufficient collagen production. 

Your collagen production is enough to keep the skin healthy when you are younger. However, aging takes a toll on the body, reducing collagen production, which is unfortunately not enough to keep the skin healthy. By restoring collagen production in the skin, we rejuvenate the skin from inside and out.

Reduce Scars, Especially Acne Scars

Scars are still a sign that the skin has completely healed, but the tissue formed during the healing process is different from the surrounding tissue, which makes them prominent. Two types of scars exist, sunken scars and raised scars. 

Sunken scars are healed skin tissue but lack collagen structure underneath, making them deep, which is typical for acne scars. On the other hand, raised scars are scars that have too much collagen underneath, making them plump. 

Microneedling can only help with sunken scars by increasing collagen production. Collagen will reinforce sunken scars, leveling them with the rest of the skin layer. 

Increases The Effects Of Skincare Products

Right after your microneedling treatment, it would be the best opportunity to use your best skincare products. Typically, you can only apply skincare products topically, so they can’t really sink in deeper into the skin layers. But now that your skin is dotted with holes all over, thanks to the needles, the skincare product you’ll be using can now reach deeper skin layers, enhancing its effects.  

Shrink Pores

Many are quite concerned that microneedling increases the size of your pores thanks to the needles being dotted all over. In actuality, the opposite happens. Microneedling shrinks the size of our pores and does not expand them. 

When the needles pierce the skin, the pores are squeezed in together. And when the healing occurs and the collagen production increases, the squeezed pores are now permanently stuck in their state. You’ll notice smaller pores when your skin has fully healed from microneedling. 

Skin Rejuvenation

Excess collagen proteins produced will be utilized to reinforce the existing skin structure, making them smoother, softer, brighter, and giving off a youthful complexion. Even if you are young, you can still get the full benefits of total skin rejuvenation. 


Many can attest to the effectiveness of microneedling, and you can be one of those people too! So if you are interested, contact and shop at our clinic, Vanity Skincare & Aesthetics

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