Why Choose a Diamond Glow Facial vs. Microneedling

Diamond Glow Facial vs. Microneedling

You can do marvels for both your complexion and mood by giving yourself a facial every once in a while. However, deciding which type of facial treatment to receive might be difficult.  Microneedling and DiamondGlow are wonderful options because they provide wonderful exfoliation and lovely results after the process. Compare the DiamondGlow treatment to the Microneedling […]

Microneedling Devices: Getting to the Point on Benefits

Microneedling Devices | Vanity Aesthetics Lounge, Cape Coral, FL

Skincare products such as creams, serums, moisturizers, and toners give your skin an excellent service, but they can only do so much since they can’t stimulate the skin’s deepest layers. You can only apply them on the top skin layer, unable to reach the deeper depths that can really make a difference. If you are […]

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